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    by craibrgnre


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    He was also over-confident as he had recently had a good win from the casino. I hate being boastful about anything, but I have gone eleven times since the purchase (three times last week) and have always walked out of there a winner. I've been gambling professionally for over five years and Reverse Roulette is one of the only systems I'd be winning to spend my money on, and the fact is I have spent my money on it.

    Because the American house edge is almost twice that of the European version, the European game has a clear statistical advantage. Unless otherwise shown, I've chosen Roulette as the default game, but many can be used in Blackjack, Baccarat etc. You will reach a point where the required stake is higher then the table limit. While others were outside playing backyard football, I was down at my father's watering hole hanging out with the adults.