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    Coldplay Charlie Brown Cover Demonstration Electric ...

    Rex Pearson

    by Rex Pearson

    Guitar Cover and demonstration of chords, lead and more of Coldplay Charlie Brown. For the free guitar lesson available here is available here:

    Mylo Xyloto Tracklist :

    Mylo Xyloto
    Hurts Like Heaven
    Charlie Brown
    Us Against The World
    Every Teardrop is a waterfall
    Major Minus
    Princess of China
    Up In Flames
    A Hopeful Transmission
    Don´t let it break your heart
    Up With The Birds

    Coldplay's Charlie Brown is a fantastic acoustic or electric guitar tune with rhythm and lead parts you will love to learn for beginner and intermediate guitarists. In this video i demonstrate all the key parts that are covered in my lesson so that you can play it just like the original track from the album Mylo Xyloto. Make sure you follow the link above if your keen to learn the song for free!

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