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    Syria has transferred advanced missiles to Hezbollah

    160 views - Israel News - Syria has accelerated its supply of weapons including advanced ballistic missiles to Hezbollah in Lebanon in a move that could further destabilize the region. According to Israeli and western intelligence sources the unrest facing President Bashar Assad's regime has not halted its build-up of military hardware. Western intelligence sources told The Times of London that Syria had provided Hezbollah with 8 Scud D missiles that have a range of 700 kilometers. The missiles bring the entire state of Israel and Jordan and parts of Turkey into Hezbollah's range the sources said. With the help of experts from Iran and North Korea, Damascus is pressing ahead with its development of sophisticated missiles at a secret site nicknamed "missile city" built into Jabal Taqsis, a mountain near the opposition stronghold of Hama. The missile program is allegedly run by the Scientific Studies and Research Centre in Damascus, an organisation that is already on a US sanctions list.