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    My Kid's Health - iPad app


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    24 จำนวนการรับชม
    My Kid’s Health ­‐ iPad app

    The best way to record and manage the health of your child

    The first specialised iPad app for parents to record their child’s health information is available on the App Store. No more looking through paper files, My Kid’s Health stores all health information for immediate access: vaccination schedule, doctor/dentist appointments, blood type, growth & illness history, and more. Reminders sync with the iPad calendar.

    - All the basics: date of birth, blood type, allergies, social security/national health number
    - Growth records: height, weight, head circumference
    - Personalised vaccination schedule
    - Upcoming Doctor appointments
    - Upcoming Dentist appointments
    - Childhood illnesses: keep track of which common childhood illnesses
    - Accident and Illness history: coughs, scrapes, fevers, and accidents
    - View upcoming appointments and vaccinations for all your children on one easy screen
    - My Kid's Health is perfect for a single child, or a large family!