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    Russians Solve Problems on Internet


    by NTDTelevision

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    The Internet becomes a tool that helps Russians to solve immediate problems. Although their social online activity is far less than in the West, officials are increasingly using their websites to communicate with the public, and citizens create portals that help make their life better.

    Alexander was tired of being stuck in traffic jams and four years ago he and other volunteers created

    Today this organization is a mediator between society and government.

    Last year it offered more than 100 ways to resolve problems with traffic jams.

    The citizens of Moscow help with the work by marking the difficult places on a virtual map.

    Russians today are increasingly using the Internet to solve their problems.

    Both the authorities and citizens create social portals for this.

    However, they have to learn how to use them.

    Recently the Moscow government launched a couple of sites where you can communicate about problems.

    The government promises to carry out appropriate checks on the basis of these reports. But according to the Chief Editor of the online portal "Neighbours", many Russians are reluctant to use these new tools.

    [Elena Potapova, Chief Editor of the Online Portal "Neighbors"]:
    "Now people are not ready to move from a passive position to active when you have to do something in order to get the result. Most people simply do not believe that the result could be positive.”

    It seems that the Russians not only need specific websites, but they also need to have a desire to act in order to learn how to adapt the Internet to solve their problems.

    NTD News, Moscow, Russia