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    Letter format?
    By carlitoslentz19774 years ago
    *What person with OCD develop such a piece of garbage? *Key words "Face" as in photos, and "Book" as in ...WTF you don't know how to read. *"BOOK" as in pages, not an endless scroll. *"Book", as in chapters, not an endless scroll. *So many people sharing and yet no one is really a "FRIEND" so why would you share so much? Facebook does not enforce it's rules uniformly anyway. *Don't waste mindlless, mind numbing, hours on something that becomes part of a mass file for corporation to draw from without you knowingly giving consent to share it ??? *Can you answer that ??? Face (not a) book. *Write your own Books Journals, or Dairies. *Make real friends, write a real letter and mail it. *Real time, real rewards.....
    By carlitoslentz19774 years ago