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    Israel sells missiles to South Korea

    South Korea has agreed to purchase precision-guided missiles from an Israeli company as part of efforts to increase security near a tense border with North Korea. The deal was signed to the tune of $43 million with Israel's Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and south Korea will purchase Spike NLOS missiles which they hope to deploy on the Baengnyeong and Yeonpyeong islands inthe Yellow Sea. The GPS-guided missile has arange of 25 km , and is easily capable of hitting North Korea's artillery pieces hidden in mountain caves along the tense Yellow Sea border,. The Northern Limit Line (NLL) separating the Koreas was unilaterally drawn by the U.N. forces at the end of the 1950-53 Korean War. The West Sea border has been the scene of numerous incidents over the past decade, and the two Koreas, who are still technicallyat war, briefly exchanged artillery fire there this year.