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    Barenboim nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

    Argentinean-Israeli conductor Daniel Barenboim has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for using music to bring peace to the Middle East.. An official announcement of the 69 year old musician's nomination will take place on Friday at the Academia Argentina de Letras in Bueonos Aires. Around 2,500 people in Argentina have expressed their support for the nomination. These include the former president of Uruguay Julio Maria Sanguinetti and writer Juan Jose Sebreli. Along with his friend, late Palestinian intellectual Edward Said, Barenboim brought together young Arabs, Israelis and Iranians to form an orchestra in 1999, the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, which tours the world. Born in Buenos Aires in 1942 to Jewish parents of Russian origin, the musician uses his international fame to promote peace between Israel and its neighbors, especially the Palestinians.