14 year old boy admits accidently stating Israel's most devastating fire ever

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Israeli police arrested a 14 year old boy from Druze village Usafia after admitting to accidently stating Israel's most devastating fire ever. Apparently the boy threw a piece of burning coal into the forest after smoking a hookah. Seeing the fire starting to ignite scared him and he ran back to school too frightened to tell anyone about the incident. The boy is now scheduled to appear at the Haifa Magistrate's court on Tuesday December 7th for a hearing. Earlier on Saturday, police arrested 14 and 15 year old brothers, who are also Usfia's residents, as being main suspects for starting the fire. The two were released by the Haifa district court, though parallel investigations will be upheld to make sure that there is no connection between the two brothers and the new suspect. The father of the two boys stated that he is pleased to see that real justice is being pursued and stated that his children are good and innocent kids. He also declared that he will not let them be maliciously framed.