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    Wreckless youth drivers hit 260kmph

    A video clip recently released on Facebook and found its way into the hands of Israel's Channels 2 news programme and the internet shows wreckless behaviour of a group of young Israelis bent on endangering their lives and the lives of those around them. Shortly after the films release police were able to identify and track down the offenders. Three youths from the north of the country driving on highway 2 between Haifa and Tel Aviv in a BMW at the beginning of July at very high speeds. The video shows the cars speedometer travelling up to a height of 260 Km per hour. The film called Haifa in 9 minutes don't try this at home' shows the driver if the car travelling at 260 kmph with his friend encouraging him to drive faster. Police have condemned the youths for their actions which could have caused fatalities on the road.