Comedy Show Jay Hind! Episode 89 : To Kill A Mocking Pigeon

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This Episode features on of the most crazy and funny sequences made by the Jay Hind! Team. As it is the theme of the episode is a Pigeon captured by the Indian authorities who suspect that this evil pigeon is actually a Pakistani spy. No we didn't make that up. That's the truth. We only investigate in our own sweet pleasurable ways. The result is as funny as you would expect. Sumeet is in terrific form and Savita bhabhi adds to the carnival with details from the Income Tax raid on her. Plus LNN brings you a secret from Katrina Kaif's life that will genuinely haunt you. Killer comedy this - don't even think of watching it later. Jay Hind!
Segment 1: Comedy Show Jay Hind! Pigeon in A Hole
Jay Hind! Episode 89: Segment 1 - Sumeet investigates the truth behind the capture of a Pakistani Spy Pigeon. Who does such a thing as jail a pigeon? Why? What does the pigeon have to say? Hilarious and important questions these are. And the nation deserves the answers :)))
Segment 2 : Comedy Show Jay Hind! Kabootar Kaand
Jay Hind! Episode 89: Segment 2 - Sumeet grills the Pigeon in the jail and then takes the law into his hands in national interest. Plus all the lowdown on all the low-lifes from the pages of our idiot newspapers. This segment has a shockingly funny sequence. Don't miss.
Segment 3 : Savita bhabhi Ke Sexy Solutions - Surviving A Surprise Raid
Jay Hind! Episode 89: Segment 3 - Savita bhabhi is raided by Income Tax authorities. How does she handle them - you could also call this segment How To Make The Taxman Come to Your Raid :)))) Tips of everyone of us here. Laugh and forget your tax blues.
Segment 4 : Comedy Show Jay Hind! LNN - Katrina Kaif Secrets Revealed
Jay Hind! Episode 89: Segment 4 - Laid Night News reveals the shocking secret of Katrina Kaif's life - watch her co-stars spill the beans on her. Including Salman Khan. Fall of the chair humor.