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    Kids draw blood imitating Vampire Diaries

    Many children in Israel and across the world, fans of the popular shows 'Vampire Diaries' and 'Twilight' based on the books by Stephanie Meyer, are getting hooked on the show and taking things dangerously too far, giving each other vampire kisses. The Besides the tattoos, what is bothering parents is the worrying trend of biting instead of kissing, real biting on the body that actually draws blood. The trend is seeing young people showing their love and stamping their ownership over boyfriends and girlfriends by exchanging blood. Doctors are warning parents that children are practising so called love bites on the neck and chest, and actually exchanging blood through the wounds. Doctors warn their are serious health risks attached, and worry that it is actually a stage further than the 'hickie' and tantamount to abuse.