Where is Sarit Hadad?

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Is the Mizrachi singer dwindling from the stage? The comment was made by Israel's Maariv newspaper but not because she is out of the headlines. She released an album recently, titled 'The race of life.' In addition, she made headlines in June pulling out of the Festigal concert and losing 1 million Shekels because she refused to break the Shabbat to sing at the concert. So what's the fuss all about? According to reports however, within the Mizrachi community, her popularity is fading, and reports suggest it is due to the askenization of her music which is drifting further and further away from her routes as a mizrachi singer, this alongside the rise of other stars in the mizrachi scene. The Israeli newspaper carried an in depth story on Sarit Hadad, in last weeks weekend paper investigating her rise and decline in the Mizrachi community and culture. Maariv points to a big change from the time when Hadad sat at the top of the pyramid of eastern singers.