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    New law to make the boycotters pay

    The Israeli response to the campaign to boycott Israeli goods could be emerging in a new law that will see those who are encouraging the boycotts to pay for the damage they have caused the Israeli economy. Israel would be able to confiscate Palestinian money to compensate Israeli businesses affected by the boycotts.The proposed new law has wide backing and has caused a surprising cooperation between the head of the Kadima faction Dalia Itzik and Likud faction Head Zeev Elkin, Its not every day the Knesset sees such a consensus between government and opposition. Itzik, Elkin and tens of additional Knesset members agree that Israel has to give a response to the growing trend of boycotting that is hurting the state. Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayed has encouraged Palestinians to boycott all goods from the settlements and also from wider Israel as well.