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    CES 2012 Interview: Eye-Tracking Ready for the Gaming Market


    by TheGamerAccess

    CES 2012, the world's largest consumer technology tradeshow, is undoubtedly a techie's dream come true. Between the thousands of exhibitors, mind-blowing product reveals, and the numerous events that take place during the week, there is no better place to be than in Vegas in early January. While the main focus for the Consumer Electronics Show is technology in general, having a gaming mindset, people such as ourselves tend to relate the various technologies to gaming in some fashion ans imagine how it could be implemented into our favorite videogame titles.

    One of the companies we met at CES 2012, EyeTech Digital Systems, had a technology that was easily able to be related to gaming and that was eye-tracking. Imagine being able to view your environment simply by moving your very own eyes rather than having to navigate analog sticks. Imagine looking to the left/right to see a Ferrari flying past you in an intense race. The possibilities are endless and while covering CES 2012 we met up with Caleb Hinton, Engineering Manager for EyeTech, to provide us with a brief overview of the technology they had to show.