Terrorism at Work in Social Networks

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A research project launched some 13 years ago in Israel reveals that use of the Internet by terrorists is on the increase. That research indicates that terrorist activity in this venue is becoming increasingly aggressive. Our Israeli team visited one of the researchers and learned about some of the research findings.

Cyber terrorism attacks, such as publicizing numbers of credit cards online, multiply constantly.


Research launched some 13 years ago at the Haifa University in Israel, began by monitoring 12 Internet sites used by terrorists.

Today 7,800 such sites, whose operation are becoming increasingly aggressive, are under surveillance.


In the past terrorist organizations used to attract public attention to their sites using the "pull tactic," today they have replaced this approach with the opposite "push tactic."


We inquired at the Israeli Ministry of Defense and asked whether there was any activity going on regarding this subject.


[Prof. Gabriel Weimann, Communications, Haifa University]:
"The Internet became a modern arena in which I will call it, postmodern terrorism is fighting postmodern counter terrorism. It's a developing type of war very invisible to the public".

And what about the terrorists who act independently? Are they really "lone wolves?"

[Prof. Gabriel Weimann, Communications, Haifa University]:
"All those 'lone wolves' attacks were not really 'lone wolves.' They were all connected to the operators, to people who sent them, taught them, seduced them, and it was all done on-line."



On wonders if there will ever be an end to the circle of horror on the Internet, and in our world, in general.

Reporter:Aviva Grunpeter Photographer:Anat Markram
NTD News Haifa, Israel