Advertising Console Headlines - Likud - Same Same But Different!

    Likud Chairman Benjamin Netanyahu's bid to revamp his party's image was met with some success Monday as newcomers Benny Begin and Moshe Ya'alon secured places in the top ten in the Knesset primaries. However, the head of the Likud far-right faction, Moshe Feiglin, won the 20th slot on the list, despite Netanyahu's effort to sideline him. A total of 48,458 out of 99,000 Likud members voted in Monday's primary electionswhere voting was extended until 1 am due to the computer glitches..  Netanyahu, the big winner of the evening is followed by MK Gideon Saar,Gilad Erdan, Reuven Rivlin, Benny Begin, Moshe Kahlon, Silvan Shalom, and former IDF Chief of Staf Moshe Yaalon. 12/09/08