Advertising Console Minute - A Look At Israel's Ancient Roman Ruins

    Antipatris, one of two places known as Tel Afek, was a city built by Herod the Great, and named in honour of his father, Antipater II of Judea. It lay between Caesarea Maritima and Lydda, two miles inland, on the great Roman road from Caesarea to Jerusalem. Tel Afek served as a fortress and major strategic points in battles between the Egyptians, Israelites and Philistines in the Bronze Age, until it fell into ruin prior to Herod's rebuilding. The city was destroyed in 363 CE by an earthquake. It was later used as a fort by the crusaders, Arabs and Turks. The city ruins are located in Tel Afek east of Petah Tikva and west of Kafr Qasim and Rosh HaAyin, near the source of the Yarkon River. 06/19/08