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    Who Killed Democracy? at Occupy Houston


    by occupygalveston

    Who Killed Democracy? An Interactive Play
    A part of the Occupy the Courts events across the nation.

    Saturday, Jan 21, 2012
    Tranquility Park, Houston, Tx

    Unedited Version (720p)

    Written and directed by Caleb Travis, "Who Killed Democracy?" featured former City Council candidate and OH Maven Amy Price as Lady Democracy (in a coffin), Jocelyn Viera as the passionate "Sister", Matthew Loughran as Uncle Sam, and Dustin Phipps as a pipe-smoking, trenchcoated police inspector.

    Sponsored by Occupy Houston, Occupy Galveston, Move To Amend and the Green Party.

    recorded by K.L.
    Creative Commons Non-Commercial Share-Alike