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    Kibbutz Volunteer In South Killed By Palestinian Sniper Fire, 10 Palestinians Killed, Including Mahmoud A Zahar's Son

    A foreign volunteer was killed by Palestinian sniper fire as he worked in the fields of Kibbutz Ein Hashlosha near the Gaza Strip, Tuesday.. The attack occurred shortly after at least ten Palestinians were killed. including the son of Hamas leader Mahmoud A Zahar. IDF soldiers backed by tanks and helicopters are operating in the Gaza City neighborhoods of Sejaiyeh and Zaitoun, in northern Gaza, where they engaged in gunbattles with armed Palestinians.. The army confirmed that IDF forces on the ground and in the air are operating against the terror infrastructure. A group of armed Palestinians were hit as they were spotted approaching soldiers on the ground, and shortly after a Kassam rocket crew were targeted from the air. Palestinian reports claimed the majority of those killed by the army were armed and 40 Palestinians wounded.In an effort to combat the ongoing kassam rocket attacks at southern Israel, the army frequently launches operations in Gaza in an attempt to curb the terror. On Monday, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert declared that he opposed a largescale operation in Gaza fearing that Israel would be forced to pay a heavy price. At a Knesset briefing this week, Yuval Diskin head of the Shin Bet (Israel Security Service) , said that over $100 million was smuggled into Gaza to Hamas since pilgrims returned from the Haj in Mecca last month. Diskin noted that the funds are used by Hamas to improve its terror network and not to assist Palestinian civilians living in Gaza who are not involved in terror.01/15/08