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    Corentin Boissier : « Prince Valiant Overture » (2011)

    Corentin Boissier

    par Corentin Boissier

    58 vues
    Corentin Boissier : « Prince Valiant Overture », in E flat major (6.51) (2011)

    1- Youth (Allegretto con brio) (2.13)
    2- Beautiful Aleta (Andante amoroso) (1.45)
    3- Maturity (Lento misterioso) (2.06)
    4- Apotheosis (Maestoso) (0.48)

    Corentin Boissier, born in 1995. Plans to become a composer and conductor. Lives in Paris-La Défense (France).
    Composed on the software Finale 2010 and GPO.
    Work under copyright. All commercial rights reserved.

    Prince Valiant is the hero of a splendid saga created in 1937 by the Canadian scenarist and illustrator Harold Foster : Prince Valiant in the Days of King Arthur, that develops over more than 1700 pages (1937-1971). The blonde Princess Aleta is the great love of Prince Valiant.
    All the illustrations are by Harold Foster.