Gaza - An Islamic State Ruled By Thugs?

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Hamas gunmen on Thursday afternoon completed the takeover of the central building of the Palestinian Preventive Security Service's headquarters in the Gaza Strip. Hamas television broadcasted from inside the building and declared it was "the first step towards an Islamic state."It also showed footage of weapons, mortar shells and flack jackets belonging to Fatah which Hamas says is proof that Israel had assisted PA President Mahmoud Abbas' loyalists. Abbas' calls to his security services in Gaza to strike back at Hamas came too late, and his calls to stop the fighting were ignored. Meanwhile the toll continues to rise, Hamas continues its indiscriminate shooting of anyone suspected of being loyal to Abbas, regardless of whether they are women or children. Israel continues to monitor the situation closely but will not intervene. The question that remains to be answered is will there be anyone left on the Palestinian side to talk about peace with Israel. Or will Gaza turn into an Islamic state ruled by thugs.06/14/07