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    Boston Celtic, Walter McCarty Remembers The Good Old Days!


    by thenbabreakdoWn

    We've got a treat for Boston Celtics fans as we turn back the clock and hear from a fan fave who was a good pal of Celtics broadcaster, Tom Heinsohn.

    You got it! WALT-AH McCarty is in the house and he joins The Breakdown to reflect on the good old days in Beantown where he played eight seasons in total.

    He'll talk about what it was like to be a part of one of most storied franchises in the NBA, how cool it was to light up a cigar with Red Auerbach and his thoughts on former team mates Paul Pierce and Antoine Walker.

    If that wasn't enough, you'll also find out about Walter's singing career since retiring from the NBA in 2006. Trust me the guy can really sing!

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