Ingmar and Lisbeth

Michael West
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A Tribute To Ingmar Bergman

Legendary Swedish film director Ingmar Bergman, winner of three Academy Awards, was described by Woody Allen as "probably the greatest film artist, all things considered, since the invention of the motion picture camera."

Bergman was the master of black and white. Most of his films were set in the landscape of Sweden, and his major subjects were death, illness, faith, betrayal, and insanity. If Bergman had directed the dark and wonderfully twisted novels of Steig Larson (The "Millenium" series), I'm guessing the resulting preproduction storyboard would have looked something like this, with stills from the 2011 American production of "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" starring Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara.

Bergman died in 2007 at the age of 89, and Steig Larsen died in 2004 at the age of 50, one year before the Swedish publication of "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" in 2005.

Inspired by and dedicated to the lovely Genia.


Thank you My Darling.....
By Genia 2 years ago
My Darling Michael,

I forgot,....I LOVE THE TANGO...:-)
By Genia 3 years ago
MY Darling Michael,
I think you are Ingmar Bergman reincarnated.
While I was watching, I was thinking the movie should have been in Black and White.
Brilliant concept and editing....
BRAVO My Genius.....
By Genia 3 years ago
My Darling Michael,
I absolutely LOVE the video, I love the black and NOIR....
and the one picture in color...You have selected some fabulous photos and the tango is just PERFECT.
I call it a MASTERPIECE! A Gazillion STARS. Fav. Artistic PL.
Millions of Swedish Moonbeam Smooches.
By Genia 3 years ago