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    UBook By NAJMTEK - CES 2012 -


    by NAJMTEK

    A BWOne's video at Najmtek Booth - CES 2012 - Las Vegas to present the UBOOK!

    The UBook is a concept that we've seen tried on other laptops but the makers of it NAJMTEK are making it a reality for productivity.
    The concept laptop comes with a 13.3 inch top screen and a 12.0 inch multi-touch keyboard screen at the bottom. It's powered by the NAJM Software that allows the keyboard it's ability for customization with different backgrounds, keyboards, shortcut keys and languages. It can also be used for other types of programs such as a virtual DJ console or a photo canvas to stretch, rotate and edit your pictures.
    The NAJM Software free SDK is available to any developer that wants to create and/or update their software to the keyboard.
    The concept laptop also comes with a good amount of horsepower with a Core i7 processor, 6 GB of RAM, 5 Megapixel Processor and 4G WiMax.
    See the video demo below and for more information see the NajmTek Main website link below.