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    Project Taurus: Final PCB test (playing Trumpet Tune in D Major)


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    Taurus is an high-end amplifier capable of delivering up to 45W per channel to 4Ohm loads and up to 29W to 8Ohm loads. This simple, yet powerful amplifier is built around two LM3875 (LM3875TF) chips and has only a small number of other components for filtering and gain setting. This video shows the final PCB (printed circuit board) being tested, reproducing the Trumpet Tune in D Major, a piece composed by David Johnson and performed by Rob Stefanussen. The board is connected to a pair of Visaton FR 10 drivers. This project is to include a volume control, but since at the time I still didn't had the required double gang potentiometer, I decided to use those connectors to input the signal instead.

    To learn more about this project, please check the link below:

    To enjoy Rob Stefanussen performing the piece featured on this video, check the link below:

    Created: February 10, 2011