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    Fred Bird und sein Orchester - Heute könnt' ich mich vergessen


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    This wonderful song features a German text on the American song 'Driftwood' by H. H. Haller jr. for the 1928 Berlin Haller Revue "Schön und schick". The vocal might be by Austrian singer Luigi Bernauer (1899-1945, né Ludwig Bernhuber) and the orchestra is Fred Bird's band. Fred Bird (1889-1942, né Felix Lehmann) was the in-house bandleader of Berlin's Homophon's record label, where he recorded many outstanding sides under different pseudonyms. British musician Al Bowlly made several great sides with him, including this one, on which he plays the banjo. Bird's life was shockingly cut short when he and his family died in Auschwitz. As stated above, this song was part of a Haller Revue stage production. Critics wrote about these particularly risqué revues they were "Mixtum compositum of sense and nonsense, bluntness (in nude culture) and sentimentality, as well as the highest refinement and deepest tastelessness", which is reflected in a couple of the included stills.