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    Project Quattuor: Final PCB test


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    Quattuor is a stereo multimedia speaker system capable of delivering up to 4.7W per channel. It has controls for volume, balance, bass and treble. Shown here is the final PCB (printed circuit board) being tested, reproducing the music "Bass, I Love You" by Bassotronics. This PCB will be mounted inside the right speaker enclosure. The circuit uses a LM1036 audio control and two TDA2003 power amplifiers. The board is connected to a pair of Visaton FR 10 drivers. You can notice the output power by the appreciable excursion on both drivers, and you can actually see the dimples on the surround of each driver. Also, all four sound control features of this project are displayed. Left to this board you can see the repaired defective board featured on many other videos, shown here just for comparison.

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    Created: August 29, 2010