They Say I Will Be Known As A Terrorist 2012 - (Confusion)


by MuslimPoetInVoice

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Hi there, my name is Said Omar Muhammad and this is one of my poems. So often the EDL, BNP and other Far Right groups in Europe and the U.S. state that the faith of Islam is a Religion based on Terrorism. They argue that if Muslims truly do not approve of Terrorism involving the Torture Maiming or Murder of Men Women and Children then why won't they say so. Why is it that only the Extremist's who claim to be Muslim seem to have a voice. This is your answer that decent kind and faithful (and subsequently educated) Muslims of Islam do not approve or in any way feel it is right in word action or deed to commit acts of violence of which harm Men Women or Children (No matter what Religion Race or Creed) or indeed for a true Muslim to commit suicide in the name of Allah S.W.T