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    Best Bargain Review - HP Micro G7 N40L Nhp Us Svr


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    Best Bargain Review - HP Micro G7 N40L Nhp Us Svr

    Bought a previous generation one last year to run as a NAS for work, and I hadn't had to even reboot it in months. So when it came time to buy one for home office, this was a logical choice.

    The dual-core processor won't win any speed contests, but is more than adequate to run VMware ESXI 5.0. I have it running a real-time firewall/malware gateway software (eSoft's virtual Instagate), and it still has plenty of power left over. Windows Home Server will be going on this thing next!

    Built-in RAID 0,1 support
    Extra screws and allen wrench included in door
    Easy hard drive installation and removal
    Compact, half-height mini tower
    Super quiet. Put in some green hard drives and you won't even know the machine is there.
    Runs VMware ESXi like a champ. No issues with installation.

    Wish it had RAID 5
    Compactness made it a little difficult to add extra Gigabit Ethernet card. The process requires unfastening multiple connectors and thumb screws to be able to slide out the motherboard.