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    War Crimes 'Might Is Right' 2012


    by MuslimPoetInVoice

    Hi there, my name is Said Omar Muhammad and this is one of my poems. It is called 'Suits' or 'Politicians.' The argument shows that we of the West are Wolves in Sheep's Clothing in that we shout about human rights; we play the high moral ground and use it to wage unjust illegal war's with other Countries that have not invaded our borders or committed aggressive war against us. We proudly use the Hague War Crimes Tribunal to bring to Justice to those who are accused of War Crimes; yet we as the U.S.A. and the U.K. mock and make fun of Countries that state that our Leaders namely Bush and Blair have committed War Crimes. And by doing so make a mockery of the Hague War Crimes Tribunal (Making it seem like another puppet of the Anglo American World Power). Why is this? It is because the U.S.A. and the U.K. are not interested in Truth and Justice and Humanity (These to them are only words of play). They have lost the meaning of equal rights for all when it comes to justice.