Celebrity Big Brother 2012 Day 16

Mr Smith
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Michael never nominated a guy ever, did he? This demonstrates a serious problem with women. Only guys are welcome in his world. Creepy guy. Added to his irrational hatred of Denise and his emotional reaction to her and things like her voice? Her voice is beautiful. She clearly has worked hard to develop her voice and her speaking. Yet he's so threatened by her existence. Creepy.
By Cyninbend last year
The government has "ships" waiting in Japan under the surface of the water, watching for things to pop off... Really? Do these idiot twins even know that Japan has an autonomous government of its own many many times older than the U.S.? LOLOL And Kirk thought the U.S. was located between Siberia and Mongolia somewhere, while SOUTH Africa was up NORTH around Newfoundland.... It scares me how much stupidity fit in the BB house for this series of CBB! Actually, if you discount the idiot twins, the UFO discussion was one of the smartest of the season. LOLOL
By Cyninbend last year