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    Music Therapy For Deep Sleep Relaxing Nature Sounds & Music


    by MusicAndChants

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    Buy this Audio Cd at or Sleep is one of the most basic but most important needs of our body that we all tend to take for granted. In fact, not getting adequate sleep for more than 35 hours can severely hamper the body's ability to function properly. Sleep is restorative and while we sleep, vital substancesgets re-synthesized in the nervous system. At least 6 to8 hours of undisturbed sleep is recommended for adults but owing to a hectic lifestyle, most individuals make do with a lot less. Add to that, stress and tention makes it hard for people to fall asleep. Music can play a vital role in this regard. The tracks on this CD have been especially selected to aide relaxation and induce deep sleep. The benefits of a good night's rest cannot be stressed enough, it goes without saying. With this CD, undisturbed sleep is no longer just a dream. 1. Forest 2. Waves 3. Storm 4. Thunder 5. Water Falls 6. Jungle