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    by SmartShoot

    - You Booth is all about you and your event. We have been in the event industry for 6 years and we know how important it is to make all event décor fit your theme. Ditch the old booth and make your booth match your personality. Having a chic wine country wedding? How about a fancy burlap backdrop with a rustic barn wood bench? Go even further and choose our 1930’s wooden crate to hold your props. All items mentioned are available and free at You Booth. Visit our website for more ideas.
    - You Booth is open. With its open design you can share in the hilarity that takes place behind the lens. If you want to give your guests privacy we can create an enclosed booth as well! The enclosed booth can be basic black, off white or shimmery silver fabric.
    - Fit more than two people in your booth.
    - You Booth’s high resolution digital camera shoots in a wider format which means you can fit 10-20 people in your booth rather than limiting your group to 2 or 3. More people=more fun!
    - Free prop box Let’s be honest, the props are half the fun of a photo booth! Check out our vintage prop box over there to the right.
    - Custom Backdrops. You can choose from up to 25 of our custom backdrops or even provide your own. Have a beautiful background at your venue? Lets use it!
    - Capture Video clips as well as photos. A unique add-on that enables your guests to leave well wishes. Video clips are 10 seconds long and offer a glimpse into the craziness that happens in the booth