Faceoff: Cats Vs. Dogs

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Faceoff: Cats Vs. Dogs - as part of the series on cat and pets by GeoBeats.

Cats or Dogs as Pets – which is better?

Cats are self-sufficient and require less attention. Dogs, like children require constant love, affection and exercise to maintain a healthy life.

Dogs tend to keep their owners in better physical shape than a cat. Dogs enjoy playing, running and going for walks. It is much easier for a cat owner to remain inactive and indoors.

For the introverted person, a cat is a good companion for the very reason that they are independent. Dogs crave your unyielding affection and your physical attention.

You can teach your dog fun tricks or useful skills. Dogs are used in service to assist the handicapped as well. Cats are far too independent, stubborn and aloof to submit to being taught something.

While dogs have a keen sense of smell, cats have an almost supernatural, inconceivable ability to hear; which they can use to alert you to suspicious activity.

Dogs are fiercely loyal animals, and will protect their owners to the bitter end. Cats are egocentric, only interested in saving themselves from trouble.