Horny Weegee


by UnkArt1

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YOUTUBE LINK (if unclickable; use 'copy/paste to URL' method): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMY9WD7xD7o

If you haven't paid attention to the disclaimer at the start of the video, something is wrong with you.
So, basically, this is what I spent three months making, with this past month fully dedicated to this, instead of this being a side project. In this video, the plot comes and goes very quickly, as we really didn't have much to go on, and I was worried about this video wasting everyone's time... But, then again, you clicked on this, so yeah.
This is a good time to announce that this will be my last video... including Weegee. Yeah, Weegee is good and all, but as I worked on this, my love for the meme had dropped drastically. I soon realized it was time to let him go. So, this is considered my farewell video to Weegee. I'll miss you, buddy, but I'll never forget you.

Requested and written by CalebLaw1 (on YouTube,) with additional help by myself. All other details are in the credits at the end of the video.