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    AVG 2012 Lifetime License + Method


    by geraldin029

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    You can download Serial which is Valid upto 2018 or more with full version of Internet Security which is far better then AntiVirus only. You can update your program with latest updates with serials. Just don’t forget to download from

    Program Information
    Antivirus and security software products for home and business users. Free trial downloads. Virus and malware protection with firewall, anti-spyware, identity protection modules.

    Some security products slow down your PC; AVG Internet Security 2012 speeds it up, by accelerating the download of content-rich files. Faster system start-up and support for Flash and HD video means you can enjoy online video like YouTube faster.

    You want to search, surf and social network, but you don't ever want to go to any infected websites then trust AVG Anti-Virus. It knows when you are gaming and ensures that the security operates in the background only, leaving you free to play. When downloading files are checked before you download them without you having to do a thing.

    More than just Antivirus, AVG Internet Security protects you when shopping and banking, keeping your identity safe. The AVG Firewall prevents inbound and outbound attacks, while Identity Protection secures personal content you enter online.

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