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    Terry Pratchett - Choosing to Die



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    2/24/16 ...... I've been quite fortunate to have experienced so little pain and suffering in my 78 years, and hopefully I can face these last days with determination and resolve....... And I have no reason to rush myself, no immediate threats or emergencies. Now it's about saying goodbye to all I've ever known ..... saying goodbye to that which I've never understood, and leaving without the answers I've searched in vain for....
    CorynskiGeçen Şubat
    2/20/16. Many struggle years of pain from disability and the pain and suffering involved. I have considered this as my illness is chronic only getting worse. For me, the freedom to choose
    a legal assisted suicide is much better then to have to linger in and out of days no end of constant pain and suffering...Life is good, it is beautiful-.... and birth, life and death are part of this whole experience. I reach out to those of you suffering and hold you in my thoughts for peace and comfort... I am listening to Pink Floyd's music-Coming back to life.
    Sueap99Geçen Şubat
    Olger Khan
    it feeled weirdly good to cry while looking the end of this "documentation", it said that everything is right with himself.

    thanks to those brave persons, and thanks to bbc and sir pratchett, may he rest in peace.
    Olger KhanGeçen Ağustos
    Kenneth Krabat
    Yes, who owns my life?
    Kenneth KrabatGeçen yıl
    Mal Johnson
    If I or a loved one chose that route, I would have that sick female remain at arms length at the very least, perhaps even in the next room. Certainly not draping herself all over the patient. She's a sick weirdo.
    Mal JohnsonGeçen yıl
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