Terry Pratchett - Choosing to Die


by ghostsea

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Rest in peace dear Peter. I cried my eyes out watching you pass. Lots of strength to your wife and happiness and peace up above to you. Kind and lovely people such as yourself will always be missed.. xxx
To the other man, passing, may you rest in peace as well.
By Vero21 August
it feeled weirdly good to cry while looking the end of this "documentation", it said that everything is right with himself.

thanks to those brave persons, and thanks to bbc and sir pratchett, may he rest in peace.
By Olger Khan August
I wish all of us to be surrounded by loving family. Thus every moment would be precious for us and we would want to stay with them as long as possible. LOVE is the cure for sick world looking fir death. True love. I wish us all the loving world. Truly loving. +
By Tokosk16 June
Yes, who owns my life?
By Kenneth Krabat December
If I or a loved one chose that route, I would have that sick female remain at arms length at the very least, perhaps even in the next room. Certainly not draping herself all over the patient. She's a sick weirdo.
By Mal Johnson Last year
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