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    The Weather Outside is Frightful... How to Keep Your ...

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    Health Expert Patricia Stark Offers Tips on Facing Winter’s Health and Wellness Challenges When You’re Hunkering-Down for the Season.

    The weather outside is frightful so you might be hunkering down in the house, but between the lingering house guests, the stress that keeps you from sleeping, being stuck inside can be a less-than-enjoyable experience. And, if you aren’t aware of some of the season’s challengers, from trouble sleeping to carbon monoxide poisoning, winter can be uncomfortable and even dangerous.

    Medical corresponded Patricia Spark shares her top season-specific health and safety precautions so you can avoid illness and injury and enjoy the beauty of the winter season.

    Patricia answers some of our winter health and safety questions:

    Winter is synonymous with cold and flu. How do we keep from getting sick or spreading our virus?

    What are some cold weather or winter maladies, and what are some simple remedies?

    With a stuffy nose from the common-cold, any tips on how to breathe easier and help get a good nights sleep?

    What dangers lurk in our home that we should be aware of this winter?