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    Music For Relaxation Veena Gaayathri


    by MusicAndChants

    Buy this Audio CD Biological linkage with music has been enunciated in several ancient scriptures which has been amplified by the dictum "Shishu Vetti Pashum Vetti Vetti Ganarasah Phanih" i.e., the effect felt subconsciously and not by conscious effort. The effect of lullaby on a child stands testimony to this natural phenomenon. The therapeutic effect of music and different tunes on human beings especially in curing hypertension and maintaining Metabolic balance has been proved in the extensive research conducted by various research groups. Music is indeed cataleptic which can be fruitfully employed by persons engulfed in high tension mechanical more of mundane existence. Here is the panacea for the modern times malady of stress and strain through the mind. 1. Solitary Dusk 2. Tilting Waves 3. Enchantment 4. Milky way 5. Tranquil Dream 6. Moonlit Rain 7. Nostalgia 8. Distant Love 9. Spring Blooms 10. A Promise forever