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    Soothing Sounds For Mother & Child Kids


    by MusicAndChants

    Buy this Audio Cd at or Mother's milk and mellow music are vital ingredients that nurture the baby warmly into life and love. This is the testimony of the longest traditions and the latest research. The natural bond between mother and child is reinforced by the soft ambience created by gentle music. The claming and relaxing effects of the tender instrumental themes presented in this album are beneficial both to mother and child. The positive influence of music on childhood development through recreating a peaceful and harmonious environment can be felt through the specially produced numbers presented here. 1. A New Beginning 2. Lost In Thought 3. Anticipation 4. Cherish 5. Closer & Closer 6. That Joyous Feeling 7. Tenderness 8. In A Warm Embrance 9. Adoration 10. Sweet Lullaby