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    Mystic Journey Music for Meditation Relaxation De-stress


    by MusicAndChants

    Buy this Audio CD at : or ABOUT SAASHWATHI Saashwathi is a young musician cum composer who is the proud disciple of the renowed Violin Maestro, Shri.Lalgudi G.Jayaraman. In her tutelage under him ten years, she was exposed to the depths of Carnatic Music and his ability to create soul stirring renditions. She attributes her creativity to her understanding of his unique style and his holistic perception of music. Her gnawing passion to create music urged her to produce an album at a very young age. Though her musical career began as a vocalist, she belives classical music is too potent to be constrained within traditional boundaries. She has released two albums so far. Being a Psychologist, she has also successfully produced therapeutic music for relaxation. ABOUT MYSTIC JOURNEY When you are introduced to an unexpected combination of melodies, you are led into a Mystic Journey that unravels the fathoms of fusion music. Each destination in this musical journey leaves you to experience the boundless majestic qualities of Indian Classical Music with the natural blend of Western instrumentation. In accordance with the universal quality of music, the pieces in this album transcend barriers and focus on the "soul" of each raga. The uniqunes of this album is that all the pieces comprise only of swaras and raag aalapanas sans lyrics. The instrumentation enhances the character of each raag by residing / nesting within the grammatical boundaries of the chosen raag. The confluence of the Western and Indian rhythms and the tempo of the music have been set to suit the mood of each raag. The interplay of swaras have the amazing potential to arouse various emotions in the listenet. Capitalizing on this quality, each piece in the album connects with the listener through these emotions without the use of lyrics. 1. Reverie (Raag Revathi) 2. Techno Wave (Raag Saraswathi) 3. Cèleste (Raag Hamsadhwani) 4. Rendez-vous (Raag Hamsanandhi) 5. Mèlange (Raag Bhimplas) 6. Surrender (Raag Ranjani) 7. Amour (Raag Kalyana Vasantham) 8. Tendresse (Raag Valaj) 9. Ripples (Raag Amruthavarshini) 10. Cèleste (Raag Hamsadhwani) -- Instrumental 11. Rendez-vous (Raag Hamsanandhi ) -- Instrumental