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    String Relaxation - Music for Meditation, Relaxation, De-stress


    by MusicAndChants

    Buy this Audio CD at : or Reap the benefits of Relaxation, the most powerful antidote to stress, by opting for 'String Relaxation'. Give your heart more rest, reduce your blood pressure and let more energy flow into your limbs by hitching your wagon to the powerful relaxing music in this album.When your mind shifts from its stresses and strains to soothing melody, you come alive and all your energy shifts to top gear efficiency. Use the powerful tool of music made for you to strengthen your immune system -- the armour against disease -- and reap other enriching rewards like poise and composure. Make relaxation your mantra and see the changes for yourself. Gather the bounties of rrelaxing music here and now. 1. Calm before storm 2. Feather 3. Flying in the air 4. Blue Water 5. Bruzy 6. Aroma 7. Myth 8. Rainbow 9. Bubble