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    Guitar Relaxation - Music for Meditation, Relaxation, De-stress


    by MusicAndChants

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    Buy this Audio Cd at : or Enter windswept vistas of sweeping grandeur through 'Guitar Relaxation' and let your unchanined mind shake off the pressures and strains of modern life. Feel the wellness brough to you through the power of genuine relaxaing music. Tranquilly strummed and softly pluked strings beckon you far from the madding crowd into a world of beauty, stillness and power. Plumb these qualities and add new dimensions to your personality. Soak in the calm and peaceful moods of this album and witness thr new energies unleashed within you. Let the joy and peace of the eight evocative numbers here enrich you with warmth and zest for life. Harvest the rich dividends of precious music made for your well-being. 'Guitar Relaxation' is just about to transform your life with its vibrant music. . Admire 2. Feeling Fresh 3. Heavenly Abode 4. Lone Ranger 5. Misty 6. Peace 7. Simply Relax