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    Pure Nature - Soothing Sounds for Sleep and Relaxation


    by MusicAndChants

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    Buy this Audio CD at: Soothing rain, a calming breeze, a gentle stream, its amazing, the effect that the sounds of nature can have on us. They can help us relax and help us feel rejuvenated and even, in some cased, help us fall asleep. Pure Nature has natural sounds from the woods, waters, and forests. These sounds of nature are perect for relaxation, meditation, sleep or as a natural ambience. Meticulous care is taken to include only the pure sounds of nature while recording, resulting in a pristine natural soun that are directly from nature. Unwind to the the comforting whisper of water, the sound of wind and white noise gently rustling through the trees for relaxation, stress reduction and sleep. ** Tracks: 1. A walk in the woods 2. Chirping birds 3. Stream of joy 4. A whisper in the wind 5. Singing birds 6. Calm breeze 7. Third eye 8. Pure bliss 9. Relaxing forest.