Music for Chakra Meditation - Relaxation, Deep Meditation Cleansing, Peace of Mind

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Buy this Audio Cd : Brahma presides over the first chakra, the Mooladhara situated at the base of the spinal column. Prostrations to Brahma. The Mooladhara is the centre of the earth principle and in it lies the sleeping Kundalini, coiled three and a half times. Ideally, the chakra brings health, prosperity, sense of well being. Its awakening is the beginning of spiritual life. Sa (C), the first note of the octave represents this psychic centre. Bilawal is its raga. ** Vishnu presides over the second chakra, the Swadishthaana. Prostrations to Vishnu. The centre of the water principle, the Swadishtana gives beauty and sexual fulfillment. When the spiritual aspirant controls the powers of this psychic centre through the grace of the guru, he becomes a spiritual sun on earth illuminingthe dense darkness of ignorance. Ri (D) represents Swadishtana. Yaman is the raga. ** Rudra presides over the third chakra, the Manipuraka, located at the level of the navel. Prostrations to Rudra. The Manipuraka is the centre of the fire priniciple and the awakened Kundalini burns up all the impurities of the aspirant at this Ievel. The positive vibrations of this chakra bring dynamism, will, capacity to achieve and non-dominating power. The note Ga (E) represents this centre. The raga is Malkauns. ** Isha presides over Anahata, the fourth chakra, the heart chakra. Prostrations to Isha. The Anahata Chakra is the place of the unstruck sound of Vedanta, which is Sabda Brahman, the Absolute in the form of sound. The positive powers of this chakra which stands for the wind principle, give the aspirant true love, compassion and peace. It is considered to be the celestial tree that fulfills all ambitions, and gives thegreatest gift of all liberation. Ma (F) is its connecting note and Bhairav its mode. ** Sadashiva presides over Vishuddhi, the fifth chakra located in the throat. Prostrations to Sadashiva. Vishuddhi is the centre of the ether (akasha) principle and gives wisdom, eloquence and immense peace of mind. Knowledgde of past, present and future and freedom from disease and sorrow are the blessings of this chakra. Pa (G) is its musical note and Jaijaiwanti its raga. ** The Ajna Chakra is the third eye centre (between the eyebrows) and is presided over by Shambhu. Prostrations to Shambhu. When the aspirant pierces upwards through this chakra, the mind becomes still and one-pointed and thoughts subside into the vast divine consciousness of the aspirant. A is the musical note and Bageswari the associated raga. ** The Sahasrara is the ultimate centre, the seventh chakra which signifies merger with the Infinite. This is the realm of the Luminous Self, where the individual soul becomes one with the Supreme soul. This is the place where everything becomes auspicious, all dangers destroyed and all powers are acquired. We have come up the octave of human experience to the next octave of divine Iife. The raga is Darbari Kanada signifiying the reign of divine grace. The sages of India have shown the world that this is the crowning glory of all life. 

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