Healing Meditation - Music for Meditation, Relaxation, Peace, Awakening

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http://www.superaudio.in/music-therapy-cds-healing-meditation-p-4715.html Soft and soothing music played to a relaxing pace stills your thoughts and helps you look inward. The seven numbers of Healing Meditation are tailored to cajole the mind to rest and relax, leading to deeper breathing and greater awareness. These numbers slow the tempo of a frenetic life style and help you regain a true vision of life. Watch your days gain in meaning and significance as you anchor yourself to these measured but catchy cadences. Heal your self from within and let new visions of beauty and strength take over. Balance your life to the warm patterns of energizing music. Breathe new vigor into your life. Let your life vibrate to the healing sounds serenity and joy. ** Tracks: 1. Cleansing 2. Therapy Music 3. Relaxation Music 4. Deep Meditation 5. Purity 6. Bliss 7. Peace of mind