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    Zen Meditation Music for Meditation, Relaxation, De-Stress


    by MusicAndChants

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    Buy this Audio cd : Gain higher confidence, clarity of mind and success in every way by plumbing the depths of awareness with Zen Meditation music. Seven great instrumental numbers that mingle with sea waves, bird calls and natural ambient sounds to help you unwind, loosen up and uncoil. Let peace pervade you and the quiet cool light of self awareness restore your pose and power. Watch the mental chatter waning away as you become more attentive to yourself. Anchor yourself into deeper awareness and find the horizons of life opening up. Eliminate stress, improve concentration, boost relationships, and reclaim the wonder of existence. Sync with the marvelous music and soothing sounds of Zen meditation and transform yourself. ** Tracks: 1. Awakening 2. Spiritual Healing 3. Lotus Flower 4. Meditate 5. Relax 6. Harmony 7. Bliss