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    Music for Evening Meditation - Relaxation, De-stress


    by MusicAndChants

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    Buy this audio cd at: The shadows grow longer as the sun inclines towards the west, and the day's activity begins to wane. As one grows sensitive to the natural cycles, the rosy hues of twilight become an invitation to meditation. Appropriate music greatly enhances the atmosphere of calm, giving one spiritual, mental and physical peace. 'Music for Evening Meditation' brings contemplative music of the highest quality from time-honoured Indian raags. Yaman, which has strong associations with the evening, creates a distinctive ambience of peace and tranquility. As the raag exploration soars up the higher octave a feeling of ecstacy and rapture is generated. The soft, lyrical tones of the Dilruba attuned to the ringing notes of the tambura build an experience of quiet and serenity that one yearns to return to again and again. Ragas Mishra Khamaj and Bhoopati build on the tryst with serenity