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    Spa Sounds Peace - Music for Meditation,Massage,De-stress, Relaxation, Yoga, Spa


    by MusicAndChants

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    Buy the CD at: The Sounds of the Spa music series is meant to help you create a soothing spa experience. Whether it's for meditation, relaxation, yoga, massage, stress release or simply to help you fall asleep, playing this soothing music will calm you and promote the desired response. Created with the science of Vedic chanting, there are Spa sounds for different purposes. Come, sit back and let the music flow over you as you find peace with your inner self. Tranquility on the outside can only be experienced when one is at peace on the inside. Let the comforting notes of this album help you attain the inner nirvana that you have been seeking. Tracks: 1. Peace in Transcendence 2. Peace in Relaxation 3. Peace in Passion